The Catholic Worker on Wheels delivers hot nutritious breakfasts to people living on the streets, under bridges and in homeless encampments in Syracuse, NY six days a week. 

On Saturday mornings, we take phone orders for full-course breakfasts ordered from a menu and deliver them wherever our friends happen to be, from street corners to apartments. For those without phones, we take orders throughout the week. For those friends who can drop by, we also serve Saturday breakfast in our little cafe, the Ray McVey Breakfast Room.

We also take orders, cook and deliver Saturday morning full-course breakfasts to a few inner-city families with children.

Our daily breakfasts typically consist of our breakfast sandwich (sausage or bacon, egg and cheese on a grilled Thomas’ English Muffin), a seasoned potato patty, coffee and a bag with pastry, orange juice, fruit, cookies and some chocolate. As an alternative, we often offer full-course servings such as pancakes and bacon, frittata or omelet.

The CWOW also distributes clothing, toiletries and other amenities, particularly winter jackets, hoodies, boots, etc. We also provide transportation assistance with out 15 passenger van and offer help in moving furniture and other belongings.

We offer assistance finding housing, provide help in securing social services and have provided hospitality at our Wadsworth Street house with stays from overnight to two years.

As members of the Catholic Worker community of Syracuse, our philosophical and spiritual roots are essentially those espoused and exemplified by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin, founders of the Catholic Worker movement in 1933.

Our financial support comes entirely from the generosity of individual donors. Atlantic Magazine recently highlighted the extent of extreme poverty in Syracuse. Our volunteers witness these struggles everyday. Any donation makes a difference in people’s lives and is greatly appreciated. We are a tax-exempt non-profit.

The CWOW is closely associated with St. Lucy’s Church, an inner-city church on Syracuse’s Westside whose parishioners provide much of our spiritual and material support. St. Lucy’s is more than a church – it is an experience. The Holy Spirit has kicked off her shoes and let down her hair and joyously resides at St. Lucy’s. Come visit.